My professional approach is warm, engaging and enthusiastic,  I'm outgoing and a strong communicator. I think it's the connection and energy between the photographer and the subjects that will enable a relaxed atmosphere.  Anyone can learn the technical skill of photography, but the creative instincts and people skills are what really counts when photographing people. If you're relaxed and feel comfortable with me, your natural smile and expressions will come through and you'll be comfortable knowing the camera is nearby capturing your moments. 

WEDDINGS & couples

Wedding and couples or engagement photography is about connection, the romance, love, and joy of finding that special someone, so I think lighting is paramount as it sets a tone for atmosphere! So I am always chasing the right light, placing my subjects in the right light for the most flattering and romantic feeling in the images.

Weddings are a visual feast with the clock ticking and light disappearing fast, you need to be able to work fast, work well with people, think on the run quickly, not get in the way but still get the shots. You would not notice me for most of the day, but during the bridal shoot we'll have some fun, try lots of things, but ultimately it's about what feels right for the client, everyone is different, and it's your style, your personality that will drive this, there is no standard set of shots.

My style represents a combination of photojournalistic and classic wedding photography.   I like to capture as much as possible in real time, in the moment, but I also like to place my couples into those 'picture perfect landscapes' to take advantage of the venue or location you have chosen.


Love to play, bounce ideas off my clients, work in natural environments, do lots of things and provide a tonne of images from the session! My approach is to create images of your children engaged with you, moments and interactions of love and affection, fun and games.  Therefore, if you have young children, babies, toddlers and those under 3 years of age, depending on their disposition, there is really no guarantee of portrait shots looking towards the camera and smiling ideally.   It's not always possible to create a 'studio style' close up of the whole family looking at the camera, if this is the type of images you prefer overall, you should go to a studio with a team of staff. But if you want a shot that looks like a fabulous candid moment on your wall, we should work together!

Generally it's best for decisions around location to be made based on the look you're after, so we talk this through first, then plan around the weather if necessary, but a free flowing style of shoot with candid images as well as structured portraiture. I absolutely love working in twilight light, that warm yellow golden glow of the late sun going down, would have to be the most romantic and flattering light to have the privilege to work in.


I'm equipped with lighting and tools to shoot still life, or corporate head shots at your office, property interiors and exteriors, I can handle most anything. However, with many years experience covering big events like weddings where time and lighting are running out, I've learned to work fast for great candid results, so very much suited to any kind of event or function where my client is after emotive 'story telling' shots.    

I hope this gives you a feel for who I am and my approach, feel free to call me and talk to me about your plans or ideas, I'd love to be able to help.