Sutton Grange Winery Sunset Photography Session

A truly beautiful spot in the famous wine and orchard growing region near Harcourt/Castlemaine. Having moved up this way a few months ago, I'm looking forward to covering weddings in this region and this is the first of a series of recon shoots.  Many thanks to Linda & Clive, and daughter Charlotte, who live in Bendigo for coming out to play!  I photographed Linda & Clive's wedding a decade ago now and it's always lovely to catch up again.

Thank you to Tanya at Sutton Grange, for allowing us to visit and utilize the beautiful grounds while it was closed.  It poured with rain that day but it did clear in the late afternoon, so we went ahead with our adventure, but unfortunately as we waited for the magical moment of sunset, we were inundated with more rain. It thundered down and we took shelter on the verandah waiting to see if it stopped long enough for the sky to respond.  Thankfully, we were blessed with one of those Central Victoria dramatic skys,  just briefly!