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About Kate

About Kate            

Generally I work alone, and I've been working full time as a professional photographer for 2 decades, so I know how to read the light quickly and make the most of any situation... AND  I'm a gun at editing the images, which I believe is paramount.

My first weddings were shot in film, and so I've seen and worked with many advances and changes, evolving a style and workflow from thousands of hours on the job. I use Cannon pro cameras and lenses and I don't need to be very close to you to capture a poignant moment at your wedding, so you shouldn't notice me when you're focused on your loved ones.

My photography style is mostly candid, a photojournalistic approach to record the event, the details and style, the moments of intimacy, real personalities... with a bit of art direction when suitable to maximise the impact of the images, lighting and scene. My approach is warm and encouraging, I'm outgoing and a strong communicator when I need to wrangle a bunch of people for you at your wedding, but I do so with grace and charm and never offend. 

It's important to have a good connection and vibe between the photographer and the subjects as it  will enable a relaxed atmosphere in which to collaborate.  Anyone can learn the technical skill of photography, but the creative instincts and people skills are not to be overlooked when photographing people.

When working with families and children, I like to play and create little games and activities for the kids to distract them from the fact that I'm taking photos, capture them in candid moments and expressions of personality, rather than try and get them to smile at me. 

I hope this gives you a feel for who I am and my approach, feel free to call me and talk to me about your plans or ideas, I'd love to be able to help.